Jan 30, 2011

The First Sow

So this is it, no going back now. 6 Months of learning, preparing, and trialling cheap carrots & sweet potato plants (unsuccessfully) with some overwintering Japanese Onions (still looking ok). Terms like chitting, mulching, drills, and transplanting, all a mystery, but now, I've learnt, learnt to embrace the terminology, learnt what it all means, and how I can add some self sufficiency to our lives. Today's the day where it all starts. 12 pot cell's filled with 2.5cm of moist seed compost, 12 Broad Bean seeds (1 per cell), and 2.5cm of compost on top. Their home for now, our south facing bedroom windowsill. A minimum of 13c will should ensure steady growth in to the warmer climates of March when they can be transplanted out on to the vegetable patch. The plan is coming alive.

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