Feb 6, 2011

7 Days In...

And my Broad Bean seeds have germinated. After just 7 days shoots are starting to break free from the seed compost. The packet states 14-21 days, crazy stuff. Now I know why John Innes Seed Compost comes highly recommended.

If the weather isn't too bad, I'll be lifting the seed suppressant membrane and digging out the bigger roots of weeds that are still there. With the soil being so soft, most should lift straight out (so I've been told), so will be getting my hands dirty. Afterwards the membrane will be fastened back down for the soil to settle over the next 4 weeks.

Finally just a quick mention for Freecycle. It truly is amazing, especially for the grow your own gardener. Reusing old stuff from someone else is a key ethos of the GYO society and tomorrow I will be picking up some bits from around the corner. More on that later. Now, SuperBowl 45.