Feb 1, 2011

Back Breaking Times In The Compost Heap

2 pallets deep by 3 wide. That's the size of our compost heap. The only problem is, I never got round to dividing it in to sections for a working rotation (It was built when we first moved in and as such had zero knowledge of what it was for let alone how to set one up efficiently).

since then we have used it mainly for the grass cuttings but as of 6 months ago and a couple of loaned books from the library, I've learnt the magic that occurs in that pile of "rubbish". As it was a nice day today I thought now is the time to divide the heap with one working pile in half, and an empty space in the other ready for this year's scraps. The height of the heap had shrunk to only 2ft so I thought it would need 15 minutes of shovelling one side on to the other.

90 minutes later I am standing at the bottom of the heap looking at a mountain of compost as high as me (6ft). I hadn't realised how far down I had dug beyond the level of the ground. I was expecting to reach some sort of natural line where compost meets soil but it just kept on going. At least I now have my two halves, I know 3 is the optimum and some even have 4 but for us 2 will be enough for now. I've spread the working pile over the whole half area and thankfully its now below the top of the pallets but I've left the empty side even though its 1ft below ground level as the extra depth might come in handy as I now know the full extent of what can go in.

During my digging I disturbed one mouse living under the carpet and one small frog. Lots of insects though which was pleasing.