Mar 6, 2011

All Systems Go.

No pictures today, just an update:

23 Broadbeans Growing, CHECK
61 Onions Growing, CHECK
A Tray of Brussels Growing, CHECK
A Tray of Leeks Growing, CHECK
18 Cabbages Germinated, CHECK
A Tray of Lettuce Germinated, CHECK
Tomatoes Germinated, Not Yet so moved in to the airing cupboard!

21 days until British Summer Time begins. You couldn’t tell its only 3 weeks away if you looked outside over the past week but it is. I know many have yet to even start germinating their seeds, and maybe I’m too eager due to my lack of knowledge, but I just cannot see how fitting all what I have done so far in to such a short space of time come March 27th is even manageable for someone with as little time as I do. Maybe then I am planning to grow more than what I should but now I have a plan I want to stick to it and see how I cope.

Yesterday’s early finish at work meant I had the afternoon free so on the way home I went to Homebase to buy more bamboo canes, a garden sieve, and some more Multi-Purpose Compost. The sieve was to remove stones from the Carrot Bed as they don’t like to hit anything as they grow down. I managed to remove quite a few but there are still some remaining. I’ve no idea if the bed needs to be completely stone free but may top the bed up with my homemade compost from last year to act as a sort of topsoil. The bed will be bordered by Spring Onions so can slope the bed down to ground level at the Spring Onions. This would give the middle of the bed an extra couple of inches. It might work, it might not.

My Son’s Spring Onions were starting to sprout their roots through the drainage holes of the small pots they were in. The grow kit contained the pots so thought they would be fine but clearly they are not.
I’ve also thinned them out in to 7 pots instead of the supplied 4 so they’ll hopefully take to their new home. Today also saw me gain a home made Dibber for planting the leeks and a home made straight line guide. Cheers for the handywork Vince.

Tomorrow (later today if you go by the date this post was made) See’s grow bags on sale for £1.29 in Aldi’s. I’ll be buying two and placing them one on top of the other with the bag cut away at the top and the bottom of them so I can plant the tomatoes in the top bag whilst their roots can grow down in to the bottom bag. That won’t be for at least a month but the sale only lasts one day and I can’t see grow bags going that cheap elsewhere.

Finally I went out to plant the broadbean plants in to the ground today but it was freezing so came back in. A few more days won’t do they any harm :/ Roll on Summer.