Mar 16, 2011

Apparently I'm in a lull right now!

Today  saw another afternoon finish from work which meant another 3 hours in the garden. First job was to rearrange my Greenhouse as it was quickly becoming overrun with only one side logically set up. I removed the summer table as it will need to be out soon anyway and have moved the left side table on to the back wall that is shaded. This has now freed up the left side on which my tomato growbags will sit alongside the Potato grow bag. I hope that makes sense, anyway here’s a picture that should help.

As you can see, the green potato growbag is quite small. I wasn’t expecting that but it was free along with the 5 seed potatoes (charlotte variety) and 5 packets of Vegetable & Salad seeds. Just had to pay the P&P so thought it was a good deal to get some potatoes in on my plan. I’m also going to grow some Peppers as I was offered some packets of seeds from a work colleague. He also had some sunflower seeds so I took them aswell although they are purely for decoration and wildlife.

My other seedlings are still coming along nicely with the exception of the Little Gem Lettuces sown on February 27th. I’ve sown another 12 pots of them today with 3 seeds in each so if the first batch fail, these should hopefully germinate.

My 2nd batch of Tomatoes in the airing cupboard have started to germinate right now so will have them out tomorrow morning as only one seed has come through tonight and if they are anything like the Gardeners Delight ones then another 12 hours will see them all shoot up. Speaking of the Gardeners Delight, they are looking like they are ready for thinning down to one per pot and the next size up whilst I'm there. That will be a job for Thursday afternoon.

Finally, cats, how can I deter them from littering in my soil? Seeing their facieses touching my onion tops isn’t very appealing so what method seems to be most effective? Oh and apparently I was in a lull right now J Thanks for reading.