Mar 14, 2011

The Good and the Bad Characteristics of Nature

Firstly, Hi to my new followers J you’re very welcome here and i hope you carry on enjoying my blog.

Secondly, I’d just like to spare a thought for everyone affected by the devastation caused by the Japan Earthquake. I read today it could take 10 years to clean up the trail of destruction L Very sad times. It’s heartening to know 46 countries have offered help and aid for the people of Japan. We all look on with our fingers crossed that no more should come from this force of nature.

Like a 15 year old teenager being dragged in to town by his parents (that would be me 15 years ago then), spring is slowly making its presence known. The shorter nights are distinctly noticeable for me with an early shift starting at 5am or a late shift finishing at 7pm so whilst Scotland has had some wicked snow this week, the UK overall is warming up. Nothing new to report on the sowing of seeds, I’m in a bit of a lull right now so have only been busy pricking out yet more Brussels Sprouts and Leeks.

I did decide to plant the rest of my Onions in the ground and they have welcomed the extra space and are showing a lot of new top growth. I also set up the two polytunnels for the Lettuces and whilst they currently sit there empty, the veg patch is looking somewhat professional this weekend.

The next 10 days or so will see me sowing my next batch of lettuce and cabbages for the successional growing plan although I’m a little dubious it will work because as the temperature increases, the rate of germination and growth increases. Simple maths would therefore state the last sown cabbages in real time would be 6 weeks behind the first, but in growth time, only 2-3. I wait to be proved wrong though J

I’ve also got my wife to keep hold of the toilet rolls for me so I can start off my Parsnips in them. I have to be ultra-careful though to make sure I don’t let their roots hit the bottom otherwise they deform as they grow in the ground.

Finally our little girl’s birthday party went a treat the other day and on their Birthday yesterday it felt like Christmas again with the amount of presents they had waiting to be opened downstairs. Tiring stuff but well worth it. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good week.