Mar 2, 2011

Pricking Out

Another afternoon finish from work, another hour spent in the greenhouse. It really is quite calming in there.
My Brussels are starting to get crowded so killed two birds with one stone by thinning out the seedlings and potted on 24 of them in individual pots known as pricking out. I thought pricking and pinching were two of the same so glad I didn’t get confused :/

As you can see, my placement of the seedlings has much to be desired but I’ve read it doesn’t really matter if they are not central as they’ll sort it out as they grow. The most important thing is the roots get good depth to grow in. I read they can be potted right up to their seed leaves so their 5cm long stems are now under soil. I’ll see how they get on before I prick out any more though.

The first batch of Broadbeans are really coming on strong now. Their vertical climb seems to have taken a back seat whilst the leaves and stems gain strength. I may start to think about putting them in the ground in 7 day’s time. Any sign of a frost though and I’ll hold off. As for the rest, only my Onions and Leeks have shown any growth and they are now 13 and 16 days old.

So still plenty to do on the sowing seed front. Thanks for reading.