Mar 20, 2011

Super-Moons and Trench Warfare

So the super moon has been and past. The closest point was between 7pm and 8pm GMT which is why it looked bigger when rising than when it was higher up as moonrise was a little later. I managed to go and take some pictures of it at its closest point to earth but because it wasn’t fully lit, struggled with the light on offer. Thankfully the shots I took leading up to the super moon during the week haven’t disappointed. (Shot’s taken at 250mm and 300mm at 1/320 seconds, F5.6, cropped to 500px).
Take on 13/03/2011
Taken 18/03/2011

Super Moon Taken 19/03/2011 at 19:11 GMT

The art of warfare is being covered by the news channels 24/7 right now with the focus on Libya. As the allies group up and aim strategic offensive attacks against the Libyan forces, I’m starting to see parallels in my garden. I’m serious; I have to protect my crops from a relentless enemy that will decimate certain crops I plan to grow unless I act accordingly. The Cabbages will come under attack from slugs, snails, and the cabbage root fly. To deter this attack I have to stick collars on the stems of the cabbage when I transplant them in to the ground. I then need to cover the crop in a fine mesh. My Carrot bed will see thousands of carrot fly descending on it to lay its eggs, again to deter this I’m planting an army of Spring Onions around the bed and covering the lot in horticultural fleece. I’ve yet to discover what my other crops common enemies are but will try my hardest to stop them in their tracks. Ok so it’s nothing compared to real life warfare but this growing your own business needs a steady head.

I’ve got the need, the need to seed! Not quite the same as the great one liner from TopGun but I’m enjoying sowing my seeds. Unfortunately I experienced my first accident last week. Upon arriving home after work at night, I noticed the car thermometer was showing 1c. A quick check on my phone and a ground frost was coming so armed with my phone as a flashlight, I went down to the greenhouse to bring indoors the not so hardy seedlings to protect them. As I was stacking the seedlings on crates so to do the journey once, my phone was slipping from under my chin (only place I could put it to focus the light). As it slipped, the light beam moved away from the crate of seedlings I was holding. I then went to catch my phone and knocked one side of the crate I was still holding which flipped the whole lot upside down. I was gutted. With the one free hand I managed to get 80% of the seedlings back in to their pots with a little soil and yesterday morning went out to fix them up properly. They now sit indoors for a couple of days looking battered and bruised. Time will tell if they make it.

As for everything else, still ticking over nicely. The Gardeners Delight seedlings are doing well with the true leaves taking over. As I had 5 seeds to a pot I have thinned 3 pots down to one each and put the remainder in their own pots. The Nectar F1’s germinated in the airing cupboard so are now next to the Gardeners Delight in our bedroom. I’ve got two days off work now so plan to carry on in the garden and see what I manage to get done.