Apr 1, 2011

"April is often the busiest month for the Vegetable Grower"

All of a sudden it’s all happening. I started early as I knew if I didn't I would be rushed off my feet trying to keep on top of things but alas time has already caught up. 

I come in from work at 6:30pm; the plants indoors all need watering. The plants in the greenhouse all need watering but have doubled in size overnight so now all look crowded screaming for room. The onion bed has all of a sudden started to sprout many weeds, some right next to an onion, the bamboo canes surrounding the beds are collapsing or at a skew angle, all of the broad bean plants have damage and some are even trying to flower, and finally the leaves of the overwintering onions have started to turn yellow, a sign that they are nearly ready. It’s now dark so there is no more I can do today. They weren’t wrong when they say April is the busiest month for the vegetable gardener, my worry is it’s only the 1st!!! 

Thankfully I have a bit of time off work this month so can get back on top of things (hopefully) as the successional sowing theory has gone out of the window for now, I would need 3 greenhouses to home all of the seedlings. 48 hours is a long time in the growing world.