Apr 19, 2011

Hi, my name is Daniel Harriss and I have a confession to make.

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Now my confession. My name is Daniel Harriss and I have an addiction. I can’t seem to help myself at the moment. Whenever I see them I have to have some. I don’t even want the specific item I have to buy to get my fix, but I just can’t help myself. What the heck is happening to me?????

Packets of Seeds

I’ve sown everything I need to this year so any seeds I now get will be for next year onwards yet I can’t help myself. Thankfully there are seed parcel schemes whereby you send a parcel out of seeds you don’t need or want and receive seeds that you do. This scheme will come in very handy for me as I can’t see me needing 6 packets of Carrot seeds or 5 packets of tomato seeds especially when you look at what I have from just 2 packets of the cherry tomato seeds I have sown this year.

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

More Tomato Plants indoors

In my last update I spoke of the sweet peas we had received from my mum-in-law. Here they are against our house. I had to build up a support network for them and hopefully the plants will repay me for the hour it took to build it up. I’ve also sown some Zinnia plants at the front of the bed so we’ll see how they take.

Sweet Pea Support

Sweet Peas

The Parsnips are 9 days old but nothing has happened yet. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it too as the packet said they can take 21 days to germinate. The Leeks on the other hand are still growing on. At 61 days old they are nearing planting out time but that isn’t officially until May so I’ve just got to hold on for 2 more weeks.

Parsnips waiting to Germinate

Growing Leeks

About 5 weeks ago I received my free Potato grow kit and since planting them out straight away, I have had 4 weeks of no action. 8 days ago the soil started to erupt and out came the shoots. Since then they have gone ballistic. I really have to keep your eye on these as I have to keep earthing up the shoots to stop the tubers seeing the sunlight. So far so good though.

"Charlotte" Potatoes Growing

Finally the Lettuce bed is steadily growing. Here’s one of the better ones growing on. Hopefully the others will catch up. With another week of glorious warm/hot sunshine it really is a great time to be in the garden keeping busy. With no sign of an April shower though, my new waterbutt has seen no action but to be honest I much preferring the nice weather J Enjoy it whilst it lasts peeps.

"All Year Round" Lettuce Growing