Apr 27, 2011

My First Ever Harvest

So here it is, my first ever harvest, I’m so happy. Two things though. One, the B and the T were shop brought, no room for a pig and the Tomatoes are months away from harvesting, and two, I didn’t even get to eat it (I’m a fussy eater). Fortunately, I can still report, the L from the BLT sandwich went down a treat so all is well.

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. Perfect

Last week’s heat wave is now sadly a distant memory. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was as hot as it will get this year for the UK. The cooler climate though has brought some relief to the greenhouse plants as I haven’t got any shading to block out some of the sun. Even though it was only 13c today, the greenhouse was sitting at 30c but as soon as I open the vent window and door, it drops to a more suitable 21c. I can see I will need some form of shading though as the daylight hours grow longer and longer.

So far in my growing from seed, I have pretty much had a pleasing success across the board. My Pepper plants though are causing me concern. They didn’t like the high temp of the greenhouse and they don’t like the cooler temp outside so I have had to bring them back in to the house. Whilst they like to ambient temperature, they lean furiously towards the sun, so much that I have to move them around twice a day so to straighten them up.

Pepper Plant

Of the 6 seeds I have sown, only one has grown at a rate I have quickly become accustomed too after germination has occurred. 3 of the other seeds germinated at the same time but are still only baby seedlings. Very puzzling. The last two seeds failed to germinate. A tricky plant to get going I guess. Finally, waterbutt watch. Still bone dry…