May 7, 2011

When was the last time we had 2 months continuously dry? I cannot remember such a time but I’m not complaining too much. This weekend thankfully sees some showers and whilst I’ve been holding back on the watering, the veg will be thankful for the drink. So will the slugs which so far have stayed away in this dry spell so I must remain on guard.

The veg patch is coming along nicely now. The picture below shows the plan from the left corner and when you compare it to what we had last year it really is amazing to see how far I’ve come. I’ve yet to win the war against the weeds and probably never will but as long as they don’t overpower the veg, then I’m content.

The Veg Patch (Facing South)

Standing in the middle of the Veg Patch (Facing North)

The greenhouse has been getting far too hot so I’ve applied a special paint that blocks outs the strength of the sun. It doesn’t look pretty but it’s very effective and the plants inside have certainly perked up. In the growbags then are 5 Tomato plants, and 1 Sweet Pepper plant and I have 12 Tomato Plants and 5 Sweet Pepper plants left although won’t have the room to keep them all. I’m also keeping the Runner Beans inside at night time for another couple of weeks at least.

Greenhouse Paint

Tomatoes In double Growbags

Runner Beans

 Outside then and its normal service resumed. Everything is growing steadily and it’s all very pleasing to the eye.

Broad Beans Flowering

Brussels Sprouts

Radishes and Cabbages


Overwintering Onions


Red Onions

 Unfortunately the Potatoes suffered from a slight frost on Tuesday night. I’m confident they will recover but the harvest of these early spuds will have been pushed back a week or two. As a first lesson to frost damage, I’m relatively lucky so far.

Potatoes with Frost Damage

 The Carrot bed is looking better and the regular hoeing is working but of all the beds this seems to be the one with the most Bindweed and Nettles in it which is slightly annoying as I need to keep this bed covered with fleece. I’m already starting to fear the worst as I can’t hope for a good crop of Carrots if they are fighting with perennial weeds for nutrients. I have to rethink how this will work.

The Carrot Bed
Finally our Roses were attacked last year and I’m determined to not lose them again. I’ve been spraying them with soapy water but this isn’t working. Any tips will be gratefully received.

Rose Damage?

Roses Infestation

Hope you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading.