Jun 5, 2011

Every now and again the unpredictability of life throws you a curve ball.

In the space of 14 short days my life saw that my Dad became very ill, that he then sadly passed away (RIP Dad x), that I was too late to apply for a transfer in work, that I could transfer in work immediately, that my son can now ride a bike unaided, and that I’m now a year older. None of this had anything to do with what this blog was intended to show but at the beginning of this year, I had already mapped out what 2011 would bring me and to be honest only one from the above list was what I knew would happen.

As the saying goes though, life goes on, mixed emotions fill my life right now but there’s always one constant that keeps you on the straight and narrow. For me, it’s the veg patch. No matter what was to happen in my life this year, the veg patch was going to carry on doing its thing. This has meant I’ve found a handy sanctuary during my current stressful life right now. This was demonstrated perfectly a week or so ago when I was so stressed out I didn’t know what to do with myself, my wife suggested I go weed. So I did.

Who would have thought 3 hours of weeding was such a stress reliever. My time on the veg patch took a short break of 7 days which saw a downpour overnight in the middle of that week thus sprouting many weeds. I didn’t manage to weed out all of them in that 3 hour stint but I certainly got most of them and I wasn’t stressed any more. That was a week ago now and that one constant carries on apace and the weeds are starting to take a stranglehold in places but now I know what to do when I start to feel stressed out again.

So then, the vegetables, how are they doing? Well we’ve been harvesting plenty of radishes and lettuce leaves and are looking to start harvesting some broad beans and overwintering onions soon. Everything else is coming on nicely so here are some of them.

Broad Beans

Brussels Sprouts


Carrot poking through




Runner Beans


Tomato Jungle

Even on these