Jun 23, 2011

The Monthly Update

The Greenhouse Effect really brings that Mediterranean feel to the British garden. We’re in to the 3rd week of June and I'm already seeing my tomatoes starting to ripen. They’ve also taken to the longest hours of sunlight this month by shooting up to 7ft tall down the middle of the greenhouse. I’ve had to snip off the growing tip from one of the ones against the sloping roof as it would have just carried on. This in itself would be fine except a lot of tying up would have been needed as the stem would buckle under the weight from the growing tomatoes as it lent over under the slope. Still I'm not complaining. As you can see from the pictures, we’re sure to enjoy lots of cherry tomatoes this year.

Ripening Tomato In June

Tomato Jungle

Lots and Lots of Tomatoes

View From Below The Tomato Plant

We’ve also had our first flower appear on our sweet pepper plants. Nothing extravagant like the tomatoes but still growing progress.

Sweet Pepper Plant

Outside on the veg patch it’s all systems go.  The runner beans are producing lots of flowers although in this months Gardener’s World they say this doesn’t guarantee the beans will come through so i’ll be keeping my eye on them and will water daily during any dry spell (hopefully from this weekend if the weather predictions are correct).

Runner Bean Flowers

The Carrots and Spring Onion bed was weeded out last weekend but its a never ending job so i shall be out their again tomorrow night for their weekly weed.

Carrots and Spring Onions

The Brussels Sprouts have now been joined by the Marigolds to help stem the whitefly. Its not working...

Brussels Sprouts

The Parsnips are in need of weeding but i’ve left them for now because my theory is the Parsnips have deep tap roots that they still get their share of the water. Obviously if the weeds started to cover the leaves of the Parsnips, i would have to take action but i honestly think this is one vegetable that doesn’t mind some weed company. I stand by to be corrected though.


The Onion bed has finally been joined by the leeks. I may have “dibbed” their holes a bit too deep but i’m not too worried right now. Hopefully the stems will shoot out above the ground ready to bask in the sun for the next few months.

Onions and Leeks


June is also the month of the Sunflower showing its head. Still quite small, mine have just started to open up.

First Sunflower on 2011

Finally this weekend see’s the World Championship of Egg Throwing and i will be taking part. Spur of the moment thing but i’m quietly confident i will do well. I’m sure i;ll have lots of pictures taken and will post some of the best ones up for everyone to enjoy. And in 26c heat it should be an eggcellent day...