Jun 19, 2011

My First Harvest

Yesterday saw a momentous day in our grow your own venture. We took our first proper vegetable harvest. Over the last couple of weeks we have happily been going through the lettuces, gifting them to family and friends, then more recently i took our first crop of Broad Beans but yesterday saw me pulling up some Early Nantes Carrots and the first of the overwintering Onion's. In terms of growing time, the Onion's went in last September and the Carrots on March 27th, thats just 11 weeks and 6 days from the tiniest seed to what you see below.
Straight From The Ground

All Cleaned Up

Ready For The Pan, 15 Minutes from Ground to Pot 

Yesterday also saw me planting out the Leeks that i have been keeping back in their container. They'll now sit in the ground for the next 9 months with early cropping hopefully as winter sets in. Everything else is coming along nicely although not quite so smoothly. Firstly the weeds are entering their peak season and I still can't get my head around how quickly they grow. Secondly the pests. My Brussels Sprouts have come under attack by whitefly and the cabbage white butterfly laying its eggs. Unfortunately i didn't see any of this until one plant was virtually demolished by big green and black caterpillars ie the cabbage whites. Thankfully all i have to do is keep a daily check on them and pick off any i see. I know i should have put up some netting but thought i would be ok. Lesson now learnt.

As i had said, yesterday saw the Leeks go in to the ground and as such, there is no more planting to do, at least for my plan anyway. The thing is, i want the crops to last as long as possible so im already thinking of plant more carrots but in tubs that i have collected from work. They are 10" deep so i know i'll be cutting it fine but I have 7 packets of seeds to spare so i'll sow them really thinly and harvest them as soon as their roots hit the bottom. Even if i only get baby carrots, that will be fine as hopefully that won't be until after my current bed has been exhausted. One thing to note is i won't be sowing the ultra quick Early Nantes variety :)

The next few weeks will be Weeding, Watering, and Harvesting but i shall keep posting on here as i go along. Thanks for reading.