Oct 14, 2011

We all love a good Indian

Autumn/Winter; that’s what we are meant to be experiencing right now but you would easily be forgiven for thinking it was more like Summer/Autumn for the past month. That Indian summer I preluded too in the August 22nd update finally made its appearance and boy was it worth it. Two weeks ago it was 27°C here in Lincolnshire and then this week it’s been “a much colder 19°C”, chilly, except it really isn’t for this time of the year. It should be no more than 16°C right now and if it was 16°C that would be doing really well!
Not many people are complaining though. This week last year Benson (Oxfordshire) dropped to -3.5 °C brrrrrrr.

If you were to grow by last year’s weather then, you certainly wouldn’t start sowing Beetroot, Kohl Rabi, or any Turnips late on in the season like I did. I was half expecting them to not really make it but I needed to keep my fingers green so went ahead. The amazing weather of September was like a turbo boost for them. Our 3rd warmest day of the year was recorded at the end of September. The following pictures show the area I sowed the Turnip seeds and then the same area again today, Incredible.
Turnips Sown

The Beetroot is showing some nice colour on its leaves too. I need to do a bit more research on them though to see how frost hardy they are and/or if they will benefit from a polytunnel I have. I had actually covered them up as seedlings around a month ago and then that heatwave came and so I whipped it off again.

The Kohl Rabi is starting to sprout its purple stems, again I need to research them to see if they need any protection as a frost is lingering in the not too distant future.

Kohl Rabi
The Christmas Carrots are steadily growing. I’ve thinned them right down to just a handful of carrots. I want some whoppers and I’ve set my expectations high for them in that I’ll be slightly disappointed if they don’t reach the bottom of the bag.

Christmas Carrots
Because of the heatwave and still warm nights, the peppers keep on coming. A lovely bonus to the end of the growing season.

Sweet Peppers In October
I ordered some overwintering onion sets (100) from Dobies and they arrived today. I hadn’t been out to the garden for a while so had planned the day weeding and attending to both the veg patch and the bulb garden at the front of the house. It was as if they knew as after I had finished the front, I went to start on the veg patch and the postman came along with a package. Happy days.

Unfortunately; and it must have been because I was late placing my order, but the variety I was sent is a replacement one for the Senshyu variety I planted last year and had wanted again for this year. Instead of those ones, I now have some Shakespeare variety. I’m not too fussed about it but maybe a courteous email asking if I would accept an alternative variety would have been nice. As it is, there really wasn’t anything I could do so went ahead and have planted them in the old Brassica Bed. I had wanted to plant 100 of them but yet again my spacing’s have caught me out and so far I’ve only managed to plant out 65-70. If I hadn’t of sowed the Beetroot I probably would have had enough space in the bed, another lesson learnt on why I should keep a diary of plans etc.

Finally then, here are some pictures from the Bulb Garden at the front. I brought “100 days of summer bulbs” that were 75% off back in May so instead of £10 the box was only £2.50 and they have given a great show this year so I cannot wait to see how they get on next year. The only problem is I cannot remember what they are lol Would love to know J I know the Dahlia’s as I started them off separately in the greenhouse but the rest could be anything. The Bulb Garden as it is now known has slowly grown from just a handful of Daffodils right up against the fence to a proper bed that now has Tulips and Crocuses in which I sowed today along with the 50 bulbs in the box and some cuttings I took from my Uncle’s house but can’t remember what of oops. Anyway thanks for reading. Enjoy the last few days of autumn before the dreaded clocks go back.

Dahlia nearing the end of flowering

Dahlia Flowering

Bulb of some sort?

Bulb of some sort?

Bulb of some sort?

Bulb of some sort?