Feb 14, 2012

Colder than the North Pole!!!

That was one of the newspapers headline last week and with the outside temp hitting -18.8c here in my village of Helpringham (the coldest part in the UK last Friday night/Saturday Morning), I certainly felt it. As I drove in to work Saturday morning, every tree was thick with an ice frost, every bush glittering in the sun. I was gutted to be honest as I could quite have easily gone for a long walk with my camera to take some amazing pictures. Of course the downside to these extreme temperatures is that of the damage they can cause our seedlings. My Chitting seed potatoes brought in from the greenhouse before the frosts hit have welcomed the warmth indoors albeit a chilly 15c on the windowsill.

Chitting Seed Potatoes

 My Tomato and chilli seedlings though have not liked those temps at all. Thankfully my propagator lid came in handy to keep the temperature up inside for them. The downside though is they have become very leggy so I shall re-pot them tomorrow right up to their seed leaves. I was hoping to start off some more seeds but was completely put off when it decided to snow a few inches. This week’s forecast is that of milder temps but cloudier days. I shall see what it’s like for the following week come Sunday and if it’s more stable I shall proceed to sow.
Leggy Seedling

I brought 4 wall brackets for hanging baskets a couple of weeks ago. They were only 75p and although I’ve never grown hanging baskets before, I have an idea to do so with the colours of our Union Jack to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. As to what plants I can put in, I have no idea. What flowers in full bloom at the end of May??? All recommendations are welcome!

Finally I have been keeping my eye on some cold-frames Argos is selling at a discount price. They don’t get amazing reviews but I put that down to peeps who think they are buying the best cold frames money can buy so I’m going in with my eyes wide open as to how useful they will be. For £12 though I’m not complaining especially as I had a £25 voucher to spend so they won’t really be costing me anything. I ordered two as I knew if I’m really happy with it, I would regret not buying a second one.