Mar 13, 2012

B.S.T is edging ever closer - 10 days to go

And on Sunday just gone, it certainly felt like it. I could feel the sun warming my skin to a point where it could start to tan. It didn’t last!!! Even though the weather forecasters predicted it to do so... The last 48 hours have been damp, cold, and grey here is Lincolnshire. That of course means growth isn’t speeding out of control and so my relaxed demeanour continues. Don’t get me wrong, I keep checking everything daily, rotating seedlings 180° so to keep them growing up straight but because we’re not having that two weeks of early summer like we did this time last year, I’m not frantically repotting on all my seedlings. It’s been lovely... Today was also Garden ReLeaf day and by all accounts, it has gone well considering it was their inaugural event. Hopefully next year’s will get even more press coverage and it can blossom in to a great showpiece within the gardening community.

so then here’s a roundup of how some are progressing. The toms and chilli’s indoors are the same as in the last update so I have not included them this time round.

Brussels Seedlings

Leek Seedlings

Onion Bed - Half Weeded

Spare Onion Sets

Potato Chits

Annual Rhubarb Coming Through

Peas, Broadbeans, and non germinated Lettuces

Thanks again for reading and a big hello to my new followers o/