Mar 1, 2012

Edging Closer to Spring

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Judging by today’s weather would have you thinking Spring could well be on its way. Evening temps are rising nicely (or should that be falling not as sharply?) and the greenhouse is reading 18c even when the door is open but then it is March after all!

My Tomatoes were repotted 10 days ago although I’ve whittled out the weakest one of each variety. That leaves the two strongest of each and I’m happy with that. Last year saw me cling on to everything even though I knew I didn’t even need them. Mind-set’s have changed.

Tomato Seedlings Repotted

My overwintering onions took a battering over winter and so I brought a bag of backup sets after Christmas. Last weekend saw me start them off in modules. I’ll give them a couple of weeks before transplanting them. I also started two BroadBeans and three Pea seeds.

I’ve also brought a couple of cold frames from Argos. They were on offer and I had a spare voucher so they haven’t cost me anything extra. If I had paid full price for them I would have felt cheated but at £12 each I’m happy with the extra protection they will offer. I just need to look after them so they last more than 2 seasons.

My 2L Ice Cream tub for my seeds has bulged beyond its shape and so I have upgraded my seed storage to a shoe box. I cut out some cardboard to act as dividers and have now organised my packets to family type. I need to look at a better solution though. Finally I’m off work for 4 day’s so shall be out in the garden getting on with what needs doing ( a big list has been made) so a short update for today but another one shall follow after the weekend with a check on my progress. Thanks for reading. J