Apr 22, 2012

The Hungry Gap 2012

So this is it, we are in the middle of “the hungry gap”, but to be honest, I’m not that fussed that there is nothing to harvest right now because I have been so flipping busy I would not have to time to be harvesting anything. That’s my excuse anyway…

So how has the first 3 weeks of April been? Well, wet would be the answer, and thank heavens it has. The odd frost has occurred though and the overall temperatures have been very low to say the least. This put a check on what I was planning on doing this month but couldn’t hold off any longer so this weekend saw me catch up. It has to get warmer at some point doesn’t it!!!

The Patch in April 2012
I finally sowed my carrots and Spring Onions the other day. At the same time I sowed some Beetroot and Radishes (varieties can be found in the 2012 plan over in the right hand column). I then immediately fleeced the bed for added frost protection and also to stop the carrot fly attacking although I don’t actually know if there is any around here.
Carrots Sown In Sand

I also built the supports for the Peas and have planted out the ones I started indoors a while back and then filled in the spaces with direct sown seeds.

Peas in Pea Netting

I also planted out the Broadbeans and again filled in the gaps with directly sown seeds. This method worked fine for me last year so saw no reason to do one or the other this time round.

Broadbean Flowering

I also dug out the middle trench for the remaining seed potatoes and planted them yesterday in between the sharp showers.

Potato Trench

My Parsnips were also sown this weekend, again, just like last year, in cardboard tubes. And now sit in the greenhouse next to some earlier sown Spring Onions.

Parsnips in Cardboard Tubes

My Leeks are still in the same tray and growing nicely although I might pot these on to deeper pots and have a dozen or so per pot as that compost has probably seen all its nutrients used up.

Leeks growing in tray

The Brussels are nearly ready for planting out and I am determined to have sprouts on the table for Christmas this year. I’m hoping they will love their new cage.

Brussels Sprouts waiting to go out

I’m also growing some Busy Lizzies from seed to plant up in to hanging baskets. Never done it before but they are still growing nicely. I potted them on in to individual pots this afternoon so we’ll see how they take. I also sowed some more and have them in the Airing Cupboard as we speak along with some more Cherry tomato seeds that I want to grow to see how much difference there is between sowing the same seeds nearly 3 months ago.

Busy Lizzies in greenhouse

I’ve also started off my Dwarf French Beans which sit in our bedroom along with some more Lettuces and our Son’s bedroom has the Cabbages.

Dwarf French Beans Indoors

The Tomatoes and Chilli plants from 3 months ago are itching to get in to their final placings but its still too cold for my liking in the greenhouse. I may pot them on again in to even bigger pots and again bury the stem as far down as I can as they will soon become pot bound.

Tomato Plants Indoors

Tomato and Chilli Plants Indoors

Finally the Rhubarb is ready for harvesting so I guess I am going to get something out of the hungry gap afterall. Thanks for reading.

Rhubarb ready for harvesting

Thanks again for reading my blog :)