Apr 12, 2012

The Post Easter Update

Well, that was a rubbish long weekend of weather. I got absolutely zero done in the garden as the temperature is still too low for me to risk planting out. This coming weekend is set to tumble even further so whilst the greenhouse is still nice and warm with everything ticking over nicely in there, I am not rushing out to plant anything just yet.

I got a new phone last week and immediately was impressed with the camera on it. I saw a lonely bee at work the other day and it was quite docile so I used the opportunity to take a photo of it. Just as I pressed the button, he flew off, thankfully though I got him as the shutter response is lightning fast. This sort of quality on a mobile phone is astounding and I am really happy with it.

Photo of a Bee on HTC One X

Hopefully this weather will pick up and night time temps increase to not lead to frosts and I can then go and finally plant out. On the plants front, my Tulips are starting to flower. My bulb garden at the front is North Facing so naturally they are flowering slightly later than elsewhere but i'm just chuffed that they are flowering at all.

Oh the phone in question is the HTC One X on contract for £26 per month and it came out last Thursday. Thanks for reading.